Bionic Capital LLC

Bionic Capital is a full-service, fee-only investment advisory firm. We are small enough to deliver individualized client service and investment portfolios, yet sophisticated enough to create institutional-quality, risk-managed investment solutions.

What We Do

Among our many services, we offer:

  • Customized and transparent investment management
  • Retirement planning including no-load variable annuities and insurance
  • Tax-aware investment strategies
  • Trust investing
  • Options-Enhanced® investing
  • Allocation overlay strategies

We manage nontaxable and tax-deferred retirement accounts, like IRAs and 401ks, as well as taxable individual and trust accounts. When you become our client, we will analyze your current portfolio and work to improve it. Unlike some advisors, we do not automatically sell all your investments and, thereby, create potential tax issues or trading costs. We will discuss with you what we feel are your best options before we implement our strategies. We will always try to minimize cost and negative tax effects for you.


Bionic Capital utilizes low-cost ETFs, no-load mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds and CDs, closed-end funds and other publicly-traded investment vehicles. Choosing an appropriate mix of investments may diversify a portfolio and help reduce the risk of loss.

Fiduciary service

Our goal is to help each client succeed. Bionic Capital and our advisor(s) are fiduciaries; we always try to serve the best interests of our clients. We can work within your preferences, whether you need income for retirement or you desire an environment-friendly ESG portfolio.

To discuss your needs and how we may be able to help you, please email us or call 310-734-8500.

Who We Are

Dean Erickson, CFA, Founder and CEO

Dean graduated from Brown University with a degree in mathematical economics in 1982.  He began his investment career at Miller Tabak & Company in New York City as an options trader and arbitrageur the same year. Later, he developed and managed a merger arbitrage portfolio for the same firm. He attained the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1987.

More recently, he was a financial advisor in the Beverly Hills office of UBS Financial Services. In 2009, he founded Bionic Capital LLC where he oversees all client investments.

Dean has provided his insights and expertise to the Wall Street Journal, Structured Products magazine, and other publications. He has been profiled in REP. magazine.

Sharing his life lessons and hoping to help others live happier, more successful lives, he has written two personal development books, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life and Act. Adapt. Achieve.

Dean and his wife, Lisa, live in West Los Angeles, CA.