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Wealth Management

We offer professional investment management, wealth management services, and financial problem-solving.

Wealth management for individuals and families

  • Comprehensive Wealth Management

Bionic Capital offers customized, Bionic® investment and wealth management services to individuals and families. We specialize in high-quality, low-cost, internally-managed portfolios and financial problem-solving. We can advise on retirement, insurance, trust and other financial issues, as well as manage many types of taxable and tax-deferred accounts, including no-load variable annuities.

After an in-depth discussion of your needs, goals and risk tolerances, we will determine the most appropriate asset allocation for you. To implement our investment strategies, we may utilize low-cost ETFs, no-load mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds and CDs, closed-end funds and other publicly-traded investment vehicles. (See investment basics to learn more.) Choosing an appropriate mix of investments may diversify a portfolio and help reduce the risk of loss.

For risk-averse clients, Bionic now offers portfolios of FDIC-insured certificates of deposit chosen from hundreds of banks around the United States. We offer these managed CD portfolios at the low fee rate of only 0.25%* (25 bps) per annum. US dollar-denominated portfolios only. $1,000,000 minimum account size.

You will receive the following benefits:

    1. High-quality, low-cost investment management services
    2. Fee-only advisory
    3. Fiduciary services
    4. Third-party custodians for your safety
    5. 24/7/365 online access to your accounts
    6. Account statements directly from your custodian
    7. Access to multiple custodians, as needed
    8. Free checking and other banking services, depending upon custodian

Fee rates

Per the company’s Brochure, Bionic Capital’s standard, full-service advisory fee rate is 1% per year (100 bps) based on managed assets per account, assessed monthly in arrears. Fee rates are negotiable and are typically lower for clients with over $500,000 in assets managed. Managed CD portfolios are priced at 0.25% (25 bps) per annum.

*Does not include commissions which may be paid to broker-dealers and/or custodians which facilitate the trading of securities. Bionic Capital does not receive commission payments.

Wealth management firm Bionic Capital focuses on YOUR return on investment.

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Wealth management for personal trusts

  • Third-party Set-up and Administration, Investment Management

Partnering with the highest-quality, third-party Trust Companies from across the U.S., we offer truly independent, cost-effective and tailored solutions. We offer multiple custodial options with low all-in fees.

Wealth management for donor-advised funds

  • Third-party Set-up and Administration, Investment Management

If you are just starting in philanthropy, or if your foundation’s endowment has stagnated at less than $500,000, you may want to consider a donor-advised fund through American Endowment Foundation, a leading, national, independent sponsor of donor-advised funds. Click here for more information on an easy, cost-effective way to start or maintain your philanthropy.

Wealth management for private foundations

  • Third-party Set-up and Administration, Investment Management

Bionic Capital offers foundations and endowments high-quality, third-party investment management at very competitive pricing. We advise in the creation of your Investment Policy Statement, which is critical in helping you meet your fiduciary duties. We work with your current team to help you meet all governmental and tax filings on a timely basis. For those interested, we can initiate a discussion and possible engagement for you with Foundation Source, a premier provider of back office and administration services to U.S. foundations.

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Learn more about Bionic Portfolios

Utilizing available investment information, including Morningstar® and TD AMERITRADE® investment tools, we create our best choice portfolios for equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes. Our investment choices are based on macroeconomic, political and market conditions, and securities within asset classes are changed as necessary.

Initial target allocations are determined based on client needs, time horizons, and risk tolerances. Allocations to each asset class are updated based on changing personal circumstances, and may also be adjusted based on market conditions.

Individualized financial advice is based on your needs and is focused on helping you live your best financial life possible.

Investment Pie Chart*

Investment Pie Chart - Bionic Wealth Management

*Pie chart allocations are for illustrative purposes only. Actual portfolios may differ for each client and may change at any time. Normally, minimal cash positions are held.


Broad global equity exposure may be fulfilled primarily through tax-efficient, low-cost ETFs. Individual stocks may be purchased to augment this equity exposure in an attempt to increase returns. We do not emulate global indexes and are likely to emphasize value-oriented, U.S.-based investments.

Fixed Income

Fixed income allocations consist primarily of institutional-share mutual funds, no-load funds, ETFs and closed-end funds. The current mix of funds offers relatively high yields and some protection against rising interest rates. In exchange for higher yields, these allocations may possess slightly higher credit risk than typical aggregate bond indexes.


Alternatives may include strategies such as risk arbitrage, long/short equity and managed futures through structures including mutual funds and ETFs. Commodities, precious metals, MLPs, or REITs may be purchased through mutual funds and ETFs. Alternatives are chosen only when they are deemed to offer appropriate risk/return profiles and are suitable for the investor.

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