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Wealth Management. Enhanced.

Bionic Capital creates customized wealth and investment management strategies for our clients by leveraging the benefits of the latest investing technology, research, and human experience. To confidentially discuss your situation, email us or call 310-734-8500.

Investment Planning

Bionic Capital creates your initial target investment allocations based on your needs, investment time horizon, and personal risk tolerances. We update your asset allocations based on changing personal circumstances.

Financial Advice

Bionic Capital creates best choice portfolios for equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes. We base our investment decisions on various factors, including macroeconomic, political and market conditions.


Bionic Capital’s primary asset custodian is TD AMERITRADE Institutional, wholly owned by TD AMERITRADE, a publicly traded company (AMTD). For the benefit of our clients, we consider new custodial relationships as needed.

Your Success is our Goal

To us, our namesake and registered trademark “Bionic” means “enhanced.” Every day we strive to enhance lives through customized and cost-effective private wealth management. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their retirement, philanthropic, and investment goals.

Bionic Capital - Disclaimer

Bionic Capital may only transact business or render personalized investment advice in those states and international jurisdictions where we are registered or have filed notice or are otherwise excluded or exempted from registration requirements. The purpose of this website is for information distribution on products and services. Any communications with prospective clients residing in states or international jurisdictions where Bionic Capital and its investment advisor representatives are not registered shall be limited.

Discussion of Investing Risks

The value of an investment may decrease as well as increase; an investor may not receive the amount initially invested, and income, if any, may fluctuate. The value of an investment may be affected by a variety of factors, including economic and political developments, interest rates and foreign exchange rates, as well as issuer-specific events. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns.

Potential clients should primarily consider and rely on their understanding of their personal investment constraints and objectives, among other things before selecting Bionic Capital as an investment advisor. Some of Bionic Capital’s investment strategies are only appropriate for investors with a long-term time horizon. Contact Dean Erickson, CFA at 310-734-8500 for a discussion of risks.

Bionic Capital Brochure

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