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Bionic Capital LLC  is a registered investment advisor and fiduciary dedicated to your success. We create customized wealth and investment management solutions utilizing the benefits of the latest investing technology, investment research, and human experience. Go Bionic.

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Wealth Management for Your Future

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Fiduciary Advice

As a fiduciary, Bionic Capital always puts your interests first. We become your wealth and investment manager and on-going intellectual resource for solving retirement, cash-flow, and other financial issues.

Currently, all clients work directly with CEO Dean Erickson, CFA. A 1982 graduate of Brown University, Dean has been an investment professional for over twenty years.


Secure and Confidential

To ensure asset and client information security, Bionic Capital uses custodians TD AMERITRADE Institutional and Interactive Brokers. Custodians are chosen based on their financial strength, low fees, and wide breadth of offerings in order to benefit clients.

We consider new custodial relationships as needed.

Investment Management

Bionic Capital creates your target investment allocation based on your needs, investment time horizon, and personal risk tolerances.

We utilize model portfolios from Blackrock and State Street, and can offer over 30 other portfolio providers, to invest for you. We can also work with pre-existing portfolios and enhance them with Bionic’s best choice investments for equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes.


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One Size Fits One 

It’s About You

Every day we strive to enhance lives through our customized investment management strategies and financial problem-solving. We only succeed when you achieve your retirement, philanthropic, and investment goals. Your success is our goal.

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Bionic Portfolios

Bionic Portfolios may utilize any publicly-traded security including ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, CDs, structured products, closed-end funds, and, for qualified clients, equity options. We make every effort to minimize tax ramifications for accounts with unrealized capital gains.

Management fees range from 50 bps to 100 bps (0.50% to 1.00%) annually based on assets managed.

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ETF and Mutual Fund Portfolios

Bionic ETF and Mutual Fund Portfolios are comprised of low-cost, liquid ETFs and no-load mutual funds from a variety of providers. Generally, securities in these portfolios trade commission-free on the TD Ameritrade Institutional platform and at very low cost on Interactive Brokers.

Management fees range from 50 bps to 65 bps (0.50% to 0.65%) annually based on assets managed.


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Fixed Income Portfolios

Bionic Fixed Income Portfolios may be comprised of a variety of no-load mutual funds, FDIC-insured certificates of deposits (CDs), closed-end fixed income funds and other available securities. Portfolios are intended to generate stable income for risk-averse clients.

Management fees are 25 bps (0.25%) annually for portfolios of $500,000 and more.


Loyal Clients

We maintain a small list of clients to focus our resources on each of them.


Low Annual Fee Rates

Our low fee rates are negotiable. Rates depend upon the investing strategy utilized and the total assets managed per client.

Experienced Advisor

Each client works directly with CEO Dean Erickson, CFA.

Assets Under Management (AUM)

We manage approximately $17.4 million in public market investments.

Bionic Capital

Our Core Values

  • As fiduciaries, we put our clients’ interests first.
  • As citizens, we strive to improve the world.
  • As a business, we fair, client-centric and sustainable.
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Financial Services

We manage investment portfolios and no-load annuities, serve as your financial problem-solving resource, and can help you purchase affordable term life insurance upon your request.

Our custodians, TD AMERITRADE Institutional and Interactive Brokers, may offer several banking-related services, such as debit cards, free checks, ACH transfers, and wire transfers.

Retirement Plans

In addition to individual taxable accounts, we manage portfolios for IRAs, 401ks and no-load variable annuities to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Estate Planning

We work with your attorney and CPA to ensure you have the appropriate estate planning solution for you and your family.

Impact Investing 

We can create ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SRI (Socially-Responsible Investing) portfolios for you.

Risk Management

We manage each portfolio with regard for potential downside risk.

Portfolio Management

We manage portfolios with a combination of active and passive solutions attempting to take advantage of short-term opportunities while focusing on your long-term success.

Trusts, Foundations, Donor-Advised

We manage portfolios for trusts, foundations, and donor-advised funds and can partner with third-party providers as needed.

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"By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens."

John Maynard Keynes

"The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away."

Marcus Aurelius

"The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."

Bob Marley

Dean Erickson, CFA, Founder and CEO

Learn More About Dean

Dean graduated from Brown University with a degree in mathematical economics in 1982.  He began his investment career at Miller Tabak & Company in New York City as an options trader. Later, he managed a merger arbitrage portfolio for the same firm. He attained the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1987.

More recently, he was a financial advisor in the Beverly Hills office of UBS Financial Services. In 2009, he founded Bionic Capital LLC where he currently oversees all client investments and relationships.

Dean has provided his insights and expertise to the Wall Street Journal, Structured Products magazine, and other publications. Desiring to help others live happier, more successful lives, he has written two personal development books, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life and Act. Adapt. Achieve.

Dean and his wife, Lisa, live in Los Angeles, CA.

Learn more about Bionic Capital.

Dean Erickson, CFA - Bionic Capital

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