Bionic Advisor

Investing Technology with Humanity

Bionic Advisor

Combining the benefits of technology and humanity, Bionic® Advisors strive to ensure the best client experience and financial outcome. A Bionic Advisor utilizes the latest investing technologies to create optimal investment portfolios and to lower client costs. In this way, Bionic Advisors attempt to increase their clients’ odds for long-term financial success.

However, unlike “robo-advisors”, a Bionic Advisor doesn’t stop there. A true Bionic Advisor offers investors experienced, credentialed human advisors to help them understand the risks AND rewards of investing. They help clients’ determine their true risk tolerance and investing goals, not just calculate a number from a questionnaire. They help him/her through every step of an onboarding process. On-boarding may include opening and transferring accounts, setting up monthly disbursements, and establishing 24/7 online account access.

A Bionic Advisor also goes far beyond simple ETF portfolios. Such simple portfolios may or may not be fiduciary or in the best interests of a specific client. Thus, a Bionic Advisor thinks deeply about how to use his/her knowledge of markets and individual client situations to customize services and investment portfolios. In short, Bionic Advisors help their clients in every way humanly possible, which technology simply can’t.

Technology and humanity – it’s the perfect combination for long-term financial success.

Bionic Advisors – Trademark

Although several companies have used “Bionic” when describing investment management and financial methodologies, there is only one true Bionic AdvisorBionic Capital LLC is the registered owner of the Bionic trademark. It is registered for use in “financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds for others, including private and public equity and debt investment services” and separately for “banking services.”

Others using the Bionic trademark without attributing ownership of the mark to Bionic Capital LLC may be infringing. If a financial firm infringes on another’s legal property, you may question whether you can trust them with your financial future.

Bionic Advisor – Meaning

To us, the name “Bionic” means “enhanced.” Every day we strive to enhance lives through customized and cost-effective private wealth management. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their retirement, philanthropic, and investment goals.

We only succeed when our clients do.

More about Bionic Capital LLC

Bionic Capital LLC is a full-service, fee-only, independent registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles. We serve the investment and wealth management needs of affluent and high-net-worth individuals and families throughout the United States. We maintain a small, select group of clients in order to focus our resources on serving them.

Why use a robo-advisor, when you can receive customized, Bionic® investment and wealth management services for about the same fee rate? Call 310-734-8500 or email to learn more directly from CEO, Dean Erickson, CFA. Learn why you should Go Bionic®!

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