Bionic Funds

The next evolution in actively managed Mutual Funds

Bionic Funds – Actively Managed Mutual Funds

Enhanced and evolved, Bionic Funds could be the next big thing in actively managed mutual funds. Utilizing either options-enhanced® portfolios or quantitative strategies could bring actively managed mutual funds on par with the best hedge funds but with much lower internal expenses and potential tax advantages for clients.

If you are a successful sponsor of actively managed mutual funds, all you need is the right name and brand to expand your business. Call Bionic Capital LLC at 310-734-8500 and enhance your actively managed mutual funds portfolio today.

Bionic is a registered trademark for use in financial services and is owned by Bionic Capital LLC. Our namesake means “enhanced.” Every day we strive to enhance lives through customized and cost-effective private wealth management and institutional asset management by helping our clients achieve their retirement, philanthropic, and investment goals.

Contact Bionic Capital LLC at 310-734-8500 to discuss. Serious inquiries only, please. 

This web page is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell securities. It is intended only for qualified corporate and institutional investors. For more complete information on the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses of any investment, please contact Bionic Capital LLC at 310-734-8500.