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Investing Advice

This blog offers investing advice for anyone interested in learning more about attaining financial independence. You may also want to view our Investor Education Resources page to learn more about investing.

Ken Fisher and the Art of Fear Marketing

Ken Fisher and the Art of Fear Marketing Employing fear marketing, Ken Fisher HATES annuities as much as Oprah LOVES bread. In fact, according to his current television commercial (click here to view it on YouTube), Fisher would rather "die and go to Hell...

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor

There are five important considerations when you are choosing a financial advisor for your investment portfolios and your financial future. Promises, strategy, payment, time and experience are critical areas for discussion with any potential financial advisor. If the advisor isn’t forthcoming with information that you need, find another advisor.

Why and When Robo-advisors Will Fail You

A robo-advisor may be good for many things, but they will not and cannot help you when investments go wrong or when markets turn bad. When markets turn down, your robo-advisor will inevitably fail you. You need someone who will take responsibility for the risks and results in your portfolio. If that person isn’t you, find the right person who can make difficult decisions and take appropriate actions for you. Robo-advisors just can’t do either.